About Us

Studio Build is a residential design build consulting company. We specialize in creating a true team of the client, designer and the builder. The team is established at the onset of the remodel or new home project design phase. Creating this team is the responsible way of tackling any home construction project. The pairing of the designer and the builder allows our clients to align their budget with their scope of work early in the design process. Open lines of Communication and professionalism between the trades allow our clients to realize guaranteed construction costs, team accountability to construction schedule, and accurate execution of all the nuances of the proposed design drawings. This Strategy of balancing cost throughout the design process makes it possible for the Vision to become the Reality without the costly overrides and endless change orders that poison the home remodeling industry.

It is simple, engage the builder in the design, and embrace the designer in the construction.

If you already have a contractor, Studio Build will work with you to introduce them to the process and make them a believer of the importance of an active role of the designer in the construction process. Thoughtful design doesn’t end in the plans; there are materials to pick, products to specify, colors to scrutinize over, and Studio Build is with you every step. Construction is a living breathing entity. Problems will arise, schedules will move. The project success will be determined how the acting members of the team solve these issues in the moment.

Patrick Szurpicki has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Iowa State University. He has 15 years of experience in residential design. His commitment to the Design Build started 10 years ago when he realized that too many of his designs were ultimately sidelined, and the rolls of un-built projects started accumulating on his desk. The disservice to his clients was clear; traditionally architects/designers do not understand the intricacies, processes and the costs of construction. The result of this archaic process is fully designed and detailed architectural plans that far reach the client's budget. These final plans are rolled up to collect dust, or worse yet sent to the chopping block to be “value engineered” to produce an unsatisfactory product and experience for the homeowner.